Home-world: Spica 5

Weapon: A staff for hitting enemies that doubles as a plasma launcher.

Classification: Mid-sized humanoid creature.

When the Skaarj accidentally came upon the Krall home-world some three centuries ago, they found warring civilizations still in the human equivalent of the Bronze Age. Not being the type to allow a species to reach its potential on its own, the Skaarj almost immediately recognized the easiness of manipulated such a race. Krall currently staff massive factories, storage facilities, transportation HUBs, and other low-level positions of the Skaarj Empire that most Skaarj would not want for themselves. Rarely is a Krall ever educated, enforcing the belief of the Skaarj that the Krall are naturally inferior. The most aggressive and sadistic Krall are often used as battle thralls for the Skaarj in places regarded as “boring” or “beyond excessively dangerous”. The Krall generally have antipathy toward their masters, yet have abstained from open rebellion. The Krall, while not as dangerous as the Skaarj, remain formidable opponents with excellent close-range combat abilities and a Skaarj-developed plasma ejector present on their staffs. Fortunately, Krall thralls are far less disciplined than Skaarj and have been frequently reported as sleeping or delighting in dice games on duty.
Note: As Krall age, they will loose pigments in their skin. Young, inexperienced Krall have darker brown skin, compared to the light brown, almost white skin of aged and experienced counterparts.

Written by Usaar33