All Operation NaPali Maps

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Map filenames Map Image Who did what? Map description Speedrun
NP01eVOLVE NP01eVOLVE Geometry taken from Unreal maps(Pancho Eekels, Shane Caudle), changes and additions by DavidM, Cinematics by eVOLVE, Commander and survivor sounds by eVOLVE, Hero voice (as in all maps) made by Damian. Intro. You were part of a space exploration...then Vortex Rikers][ received a help call from Napali from 3 survivors from the crew of the old Vortex Rikers that crashed on NaPali some time ago. Now you are being sent down to the planet to rescue them...but you are instantly caught by Skaarj. Now you know you gotta rescue yourself. The only human computer you can find will be the one on the old Vortex Rikers since the Skaarj destroyed your equipement. Speedrun means finishing a map very fast on a different way. You get a lot of points when you do it, but first you gotta find a way to do it. Press F1 ingame to see the speedrun time (its called Übergoaltime).
NP02DavidM NP02DavidM Mostly by DavidM. One corridor in the end made by Hyperion. Last part taken from Unreal (Pancho Eekels and Inoxx) Escape from the Skaarjbase. A Mercenary helps you escaping but he gets killed by a Skaarj before you can contact him.  
NP03Atje NP03Atje Geometry in the beginning taken from Unreal, other geometry made by Atje, lighting by DavidM, small cinematic at the end by DavidM You escape with a Skaarjshuttle but crash after some time because you forgot to activate the anti-tarydium device of the shuttle (you didn't know that something like that exists).. It's possible when you're flying the ship with highspeed! The record was set by DavidM!
NP04Hyperion NP04Hyperion Geometry,translator messages, item- and enemy placement by Hyperion. Major lighting changes by DavidM. Changes in the Nalivillage at the end by DavidM and Tonnberry. Camerawork/cinematics by DavidM. You find out about Skaarj hypnotizing Nali to make em fight against you. And you meet some members of the Nali resistance who will help you fighting whenever you need them. Maybe possible, we didn't find a way tho.
NP05Heiko NP05Heiko Made by Heiko, small fixes here and there by DavidM. It's the first time you encounter dead mercenaries, you don't know much about them, but they dont seem to be friends of the Skaarj.  
NP06Heiko NP06Heiko

Concept by DavidM. Built by Heiko. Outdoor lighting, camerawork and fixes here and there by DavidM.

You have to find your way thru a HUGE canyon. Yes, unbelievable, but you can finish the map in 88 seconds.
NP07Hourences NP07Hourences All by Hourences. Fight your way thru a Skaarj base. This time you see Mercenary intruders being killed by Skaarj.  
NP08Hourences NP08Hourences All by Hourences Same as NP07Hourences.  
NP09Silver NP09Silver Geometry by Silver Serpent. From the last cave on made by Tonnberry (geometry of the canyon is by Silver tho). Scripted sequences added by DavidM and Tonnberry. Overal fixing and small additions by DavidM. This time the Skaarj seem to hunt you, they send out a shuttle to kill you.
Its the first time you encounter a Titan.
NP10Tonnberry NP10Tonnberry All made by Tonnberry. You are walking around a Mercenary base and try to find an entry. When you enter it a troop of Skaarj attacks you but a bunch of mercenaries joins the scene to protect you.  
NP11Tonnberry NP11Tonnberry Again all made by Tonnberry You fight your way through the Mercenary base. The Mercenary are friendly to you because they saw that you are an enemy of the Skaarj as well. You help them protect Skaarj attacks on their base. You can finish it in about 1:30
NP12Tonnberry NP12Tonnberry ...Tonnberry... Not much happens here story wise.  
NP13DrPest NP13DrPest Made by DrPest, fixing here and there by DavidM. Again you make your way thru a Skaarj outpost. You get some info about the rocks that are rotating in the Sky.  
NP14MclaneDrPest NP14MCLaneDrPest Mostly made by Mclane. Geometry in last part by DrPest, fixing it up by Mclane. Additions to Mclanes part by DrPest. From a distance you see a vulcano. A lava river is flowing thru the map. You enter an old temple and find death Skaarj...killed by their hypnotized Nali.
They escaped from the laboratory in the end of the map where they are being converted.
NP15Chico NP15Chico Made by Chico, overall fixing by DavidM. A Nali Temple that's being destroyed by earthquakes.  
NP16Chico NP16Chico Made by Chico, outdoor lighting and overal fixing by DavidM Same as NP15 Yep, that one is pretty easy to do, I did it in about 1:30
NP17Chico NP17Chico Made by Chico, outdoor lighting and overal fixing by DavidM You find a Nali resistance army. You help them fight Skaarj. Maybe possible...
NP18Chico NP18Chico Made by Chico, outdoor lighting and overal fixing by DavidM You gotta make your way thru a bunch of Nali traps (set up to kill Skaarj). Mercenary shuttles are throwing bombs on Skaarj.  
NP19Part1Chico NP19Part1Chico All by Chico. You get to the Vulvano you have seen from a distance. Possible...
NP19Part2Chico NP19Part2Chico All by Chico You make your way thru a Skaarj base. Possible...
NP19Part3ChicoHour NP19Part3ChicoHour Made by Hourences and Chico. With a Skaarj shuttle you escape from the Base. It's possible when you're flying the ship with highspeed! The record was set by Tonnberry!
NP20DavidM NP20DavidM Cave in the beginning by Hourences. Rest by DavidM. Not much happens story wise. No big shortcut, but it works.
NP21Atje NP21Atje Geometry by Atje. Major changes and fixes by DavidM. A Slith Firegod temple. There is a pretty big shortcut in that one. Speedrun time is about 2 minutes.
NP22DavidM NP22DavidM All by DavidM. You make your way thru a small Skaarj outpost and caves. You get some info about a tool called translocator that's being developed by the Skaarj in a research lab not so far away. If you are very lucky you can do it pretty fast (a chance of exactly 0.1%).
NP23Kew NP23Kew Geometry by Kew. Texture fixes by Strogg. Mclane added the meteor event (DavidM fixed it afterwards). A lot of bugfixing and lighting changes by DavidM Old Nali Ruins. The green meteor you saw rotating in the Sky crashes down on the planet.  
NP24McLane NP24MCLane All by Mclane Same Nali ruins. You encounter green glowing creatures and a Warlord. The green glowing Skaarj originate from the meteor crashsite. Maybe possible...



100% DavidM

(That's the map that was supposed to be used for the Jeep; unfortunately we couldn't get the jeep working flawlessly, so we kicked it out; big parts of the map were removed, skaarj roads, bridges, tunnels)

Another BIG meteor crashs. You gotta fight your way thru a Skaarj base thats being protected by tesla coils and you help a mercenary troop fight a bunch of Skaarj. You get clear information about the researchlab with the Translocator in it.  
NP26DavidM NP26DavidM DavidM (I'm not very proud of the following maps since I they are very old, some of them more than 2 years old), the Ship in the end is made by Hyperion (he isn't proud of it either). You are heading for the researchlab and have to find a way to infiltrate it.  
NP27DavidM NP27DavidM DavidM. The model of the Skaarj shuttle is made by Hyperion (he isn't proud of that one either). In the researchlaboratory you see the Skaarj doing cruelsome test on the Mercenaries. You find the translocator, get back to the previous map but have a new option to go thanks to the translocator. You can be pretty fast when you use the translocator.
NP28DavidM NP28DavidM All by DavidM The entry to the Skaarjmines of Rrajigar (high translocator use necessary). Yes, but very unfair and only for freaks!
NP29DavidM NP29DavidM Made by DavidM, endpart taken from Unreal (CliffyB) but spiced up by DavidM The Skaarjmines of Rrajigar  
NP30DavidM NP30DavidM Geometry taken from Unreal (Pancho Eekels). Additions and changes by DavidM. Nyleve's return, but this time something changed..  
NP31DavidM NP31DavidM Vortex Rikers, taken from Unreal (CliffyB) You make your way thru the Vortex Rikers, you have to find a human computer to send a message to Vortex Rikers][, but the Skaarj catch you.  
NP32Strogg NP32Strogg Concept by DavidM. Mostly built by Strogg, (one room and one hallway by DavidM, nothing major). Overall improvements by Hourences. You are prisoned in a Skaarj Prisoner ship.
Free yourself and use an escape pod.
NP33Atje NP33Atje Built by Atje. Lighting improvements and overal fixes by DavidM With the escape pod you crash on a Skyisland. There is a way, but its difficult. I didn't manage to do it.
NP34Atje NP34Atje Made by Atje. Small additions and bug fixing by DavidM. You make your way to another Skyisland. Possible...
NP35MClane NP35Atje Mostly made by MCLane. Some base architecture by Atje. You meet the only human who survived: A girl. With her you make your way to the Skaarj Escape Pod.  
NP36eVOLVE NP36eVOLVE MCLane's and Atje's geometry. eVOLVE's cinematics. The Outro: With the rescued girl, you escape in an Escape Pod.  
NPCredits2 NPCredits All members except for those in the "lazy fag room". The "lazy fag room" and the "special thanks to room" were made by Tonnberry. DavidM made the gallery. Tonnberry added the pics later... All team members had the chance to build a small part to feature themselves. We put them all together and now we've got the first credits in a game that you don't want to "esc"....I hope so Why do you want to do a speedrun here? :D
NPTut NPTut DavidM, Usaar added some script stuff, the voice you hear is NyGrrrl The Opeartion: NaPali Tutorial. It's designed to help you get into the mod.  
NPEntry NPEntry Made by MCLane The Operation: NaPali flyby-map!  

This document was written by DavidM