Home-world: None; Their old homeworld, Vega 4, was all but destroyed.

Weapons: Rapid-Fire Machine gun (bullets or explosives) and rockets.

Classification: Mid-sized humanoid creature.

With just as much, if not more, scientific knowledge as the Skaarj, the creatures commonly known as Mercenaries have proven to be powerful allies of humanity. Their name itself is a misnomer probably caused by humans initially perceiving their voice and appearance as robotic and heartless. In reality, while Mercenaries have partaken in weapons research and development, rarely do they enter in other species’ military service. Their technology and space superiority makes up for their general lack of individual tactical fighting. All adult mercenaries on research missions are required to carry supplies on their backs and a weapon at all times. Generally, the weapon will be a rapid-fire machine gun that can also fire rockets. Great destruction and death has occurred during the course of the war, instigated by the Skaarj seeking to dominate over the Mercenaries, as they had the Krall. Yet, the Mercenaries would not succumb to such tyrants as the Skaarj and fought bravely. The Skaarj, realizing conventional tactics would fail, turned to an ultra-secret, highly expensive weapon capable of instigating fusion reactions between the nitrogen molecules. Estimates are that up to 45% of the Vega 4’s life was wiped out within a month from the resulting high levels of radiation emanating from the upper atmosphere of the planet. The desperate survivors realized they would need massive resources to repair the extensive damage to their planetary ecological system. Some especially vengeful survivors stayed behind and launched four, all which existed, of their own secret weapons of mass destruction, a device capable of completely destroying matter. With the location of the Skaarj home unknown to them, the Mercenaries simply set each missile to follow a ship that was believed to be going straight to the Skaarj capital. Two did pass through the portal the ship generated. Yet, one hit a Skaarj supertransporter journeying out of the same portal and instantly vaporized it and all other ships within a ten million kilometer radius. The remaining Skaarj ships, near Vega 4 itself, saw the damage caused by the missile and shot the final one that was still leaving the planet. The resulting explosion forced a powerful upward blast that destroyed all Skaarj ships in the system. The downward blast created a gigantic hole with a depth only 1000 meters from the core of the planet. Immediately, huge amounts of hot magma were forced upward and within a day, a once lush planet was turned into a molten wasteland. Meanwhile, as intercepted reports indicate, one missile managed to hit the actual Skaarj world. Damage was minimal initially, however, due to the presence shield system around the planet that was capable of absorbing the energy of any explosion. Yet, during this same time, the first missile fired crashed into the Skaarj planetary system’s star. The explosion was powerful enough to cause the most powerful EMP field ever recorded to be generated. Within ten minutes, every piece of electronic equipment in the system was shot out, causing failure in every space station and ship in the system, killing millions of Skaarj. The shield protected the Skaarj planet against the EMP, but it itself was destroyed in the process. The nuclear reactions from the second missile then spread onto the world itself, but killed only limited numbers of Skaarj. Nonetheless, the explosions were concentrated in the area of “Central Command” and killed 90% of the Skaarj leaders. Both sides were severely crippled and unable to continue fighting each other. Yet, when the Mercenary ship, the Terraniux, landed on the planet Na Pali for scientific exploration just two years ago, Skaarj were found on the planet. Small battles broke out.

Written by Usaar33