Home-world: Na Pali

Weapons: Stolen weapons from the Skaarj.

Classification: Tall, thin, four-armed humanoid.

The native sentient of Na Pali, they have since been enslaved by the Skaarj for Tarydium mine workers. Countless atrocities have been committed against the defenseless, peaceful Nali. The Nali, while seemingly technologically unadvanced, have managed to create “Sky Islands”; large pieces of land, with villages on them, that float in the sky, with no propulsion system. (It is believed that the unique properties of Tarydium are somewhat related to this effect). Nali also reportably have the ability to teleport and levitate, however, such reports have yet to be independently confirmed. Nali should be considered as possibly helpful civilians and under no circumstances should they be harmed. They used to be a peaceful race, a Nali had never needed to fight, but that had to change if any of them wanted to survive without being slaves in Skaarj mines. A troop of Nali, called the “Nali Mountain Fighters” with their leader “Haute” started a Skaarj resistance, it’s now spread all over the planet and there are almost no Nali slaves left. They help all people who are enemies of the Skaarj as well, in order to accomplish their goal, to get the Skaarj away from Na Pali.

Written by Usaar33