Home-world: Unknown or Classified Information.

Weapons: Various projectile weapons for mature Skaarj, which also have powerful claws. Young pupae can only sting and bite.

Classification: Medium to large sized, bipedal, metamorphic, hive-based creature.

Skaarj are infamous for their potent strength and cunning. Such qualities have enabled them to conquer a vast empire whose borders are too large to be known. They appear to be organized in a system similar to Earth ants, only they possess an individual intelligence billions of times greater and appear more reptilian than insect. Apparently, a “Queen” Skaarj creates large amounts of eggs after being fertilized by a giant, winged, male Skaarj known as a “Warlord” because of its military power in Skaarj society. However, Skaarj DNA technology allows for massive unique egg production without the aid of a queen. Nonetheless, queens remain important to the Skaarj and the high-ranking leader of all Skaarj is believed to be one. Eggs are left in various high-temperature “hives” which are present in all known Skaarj colonies. Depending on humidity and temperature, the eggs will hatch in a month and Skaarj pupae will emerge. These pupae, while lacking the adult intelligence, are highly aggressive and will eat any food source they can find, including other pupae. Should the pupae survive for eight months, they will borrow underground. For approximately a week, they will undergo a metamorphic process in which they will grow into a near-full-sized adult. These adults can become scouts, food gatherers before Skaarj civilization, or infantry, the ancient Skaarj fighters. Depending on genetic profiles, the mature Skaarj will either be sent off for education, or more commonly, become soldiers. Education is primarily based on science, primarily genetics, and mathematics, as Skaarj care little, if at all, for any art. All Skaarj, at least on the colonies, carry weapons. When ready for them, the scouts (roughly equivalent to the ant worker class) are issued energy projectile weapons, mounted to the base of their claws that draw low amounts of energy directly from their bloodstream. Infantry (ant soldiers) receive various handheld weapons, as well as a force-field generating shield. Worse, the amazing Skaarj agility allows them to dodge many attacks. Skaarj presence has existed on Na Pali for at least the previous five decades. While an unintended landing, the Skaarj quickly colonized the planet in order to access the vast amounts of Tarydium. Unwilling to work in the dangerous mines themselves, they, through brutal methods, foced the native Nali to be the miners. Any Skaarj should be regarded as highly dangerous, and the species poses a great threat to all in the galaxy.

Written by Usaar33